Aberrant seeks Warlands and Rezolution playtest group

Aberrant is looking for new playtest groups to help test rules for Warlands and Rezolution. From their announcement:
With the increasing level of development that Aberrant is undertaking with both Warlands and Rezolution, we need to establish a number of playtesting groups to assist us. We would like to extend this opportunity to members of our forum. Each group will need to comply with the following rules. 1: Each group must consist of 4 or more players. Each player will be required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before any playtesting assignments will be sent out. Each player should be a member of the Aberrant forum and will be granted access to a special playtesters only section of the forum where discussions between the groups are allowed. 2: Each group will be required to meet at least once a week, maybe more in times of heavy playtesting requirements. 3: Each group will be required to provide detailed feedback (email preferred) of the results of any playtest in a timely manner - sometimes this will be required weekly.
4: Each group must consist of players already familiar with Aberrant's products, although new players can be included in the group as long as they adhere to the rules listed above. As a benefit, playtesters will be given insight into future releases (which unfortunately they can't share with people outside their group under the terms of the NDA) and will be given access to special discounts and product availability dependent on the level of commitment and reliability of the group as a whole. All playtesters will be credited in publications where appropriate. Aberrant will provide the group with playtesting assignments as and when required. Not all groups will receive the same assignment. Playtesting may be in the form of testing new model stats/profiles or actual missions for either game. For your group to be considered for the playtesting program please submit the following: For each member of the group: Name, address, forum member name, email address and whether you play Warlands and/or Rezolution. For the group: details of where you meet, how often and the name of a specific member who will act as the main contact for the group. Send these details to tony@Aberrantgames.com with a subject heading of 'Playtesting'. We will consider all applications. We are looking for both Rezolution groups as well as Warlands groups. If your group is only Warlands or only Rezolution, you will still be considered, but preference will be given to groups who can play both games. We plan to have assignments ready for play-testing from May 2010 onwards. Thanks for your help and we hope you will all take this opportunity to assist Aberrant in the development of future Warland and Rezolution products.