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AB One Games release Plague City supplement

Plague City coverAB One Games have released the Plague City supplement for their Pike & Shot & Zombies historical-horror rules. From their announcement:
AB One Games is pleased to present - Plague City - the first game supplement for Pike & Shot & Zombies, the post-apocalyptic Renaissance survival game! Included in this booklet are thirteen scenarios set in the hideous and dangerous confines of the "plague city". Once a mighty fortress and great city, perched on the banks of a broad and swift flowing river, beset from all sides by armies and looters and vagabonds. This great city succumbed to its final assault. Armies it could humiliate, besiegers it could resist, but against the cold fury of the dead it could not hold out. Thirty thousand inhabitants stared into the faces of the dead and knew that the end had come. Few escaped the slaughter... Now the living, the survivors, shun this place. Death awaits those that return to the city, death or worse! Smoke and the stench of decay arise from this accursed place. Grey and ragged figures make their shambling progression through ruined streets in an endless quest for living flesh, their blood-caked mouths, dry, shuddering, craving. And yet some survivors look on this forbidding city as a potential source of great wealth. What use to the dead have for the riches of the church, the fine merchant houses and sumptuous palaces? Surely an expedition into this damned city would be worth it. Risky, yes - but rewarding - surely! And for players valiant enough to risk the Plague City, a host of new "event-cards" await to trip-up and challenge these survivors brave enough to enter.