Aardvark Command Center upgrade and new bundle packs

By Polar_Bear
In Modelling
Jun 8th, 2014

Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs added the Aardvark Command Center upgrade kit to their webshop as well as some new bundle packs for you to check out.

Command Center Upgrade


From the announcement:

The NEW Aardvark Command Center upgrade is now in the store. Look in the Vehicle & Robots page. AND the 4 new bundle packs are in theVehicle & Robots Bundle Packs page!

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  • Dr.Falkenhayn

    the Charm of a Shoebox…

    • 4tonmantis

      Last time these guys had something posted I suggested that they should commission a painter to do their promotional pictures.. The response was.. less than pleasant.
      I’m sure it’s a decent kit as far as MDF goes but you’d never know it from that picture.

      • grimbergen

        Stuff like this still amazes me, especially when they take offense.

        Recently, on the Darklands KS page a backer asked when some of the older stuff in the their online store will get pix or at least concept art, and the Mierce responded they just don’t have the time/resources to do so. Now at least they were objective and not petulant about it.

        I know these are small shops, but how do you expect to sell in this medium where visuals are the primary draw. Especially for Darklands, where even though it’s supposedly old English it might as well be Aurebesh.

      • I actually LOVE to hear from my customers and they tell me all sorts of things good and bad about the stuff I come out with. AND on the DLCD Facebook page they discuss and we talk about future projects and have helped me a great deal when it comes to shaping ideas.

        You have a unique way of remembering your last comments.
        You told me my stuff looks like it was painted with a house paintbrush. Was that creative criticism? Cause I didn’t find it very helpful. And no you did not suggest a commission of a painter. You want a contest for free stuff. Which suggests to me that you have never owned a small business and understand the expenses they have.

        “4tonmantis wrote:
        October 21, 2013 at 12:41 pm
        I think these guys would benefit from having someone paint their stuff with something other than a house-painting brush. I don’t think any of it is particularly terrible, but none of it has been modeled up and painted with care either. Hopefully they’ll run some kind of painting contest with their stuff and some cool swag to the winner so they get some proper shots to show off. I could possibly see the big van being cool for SWAT teams and similar.”

        • Soulfinger

          Okay, as someone who has managed a small business, let’s see if I understand those expenses pertaining to a contest for free stuff.

          Professional Painting service = Fairly expensive, although quotes are all over the place and maybe you could even low-ball it with a struggling art student.
          Painting In-House: Whatever your time is worth on an hourly basis, whether that’s cutting into your champagne party yachting time or Cheeto-fueled Mash marathons.
          Promotional Give-Away Painting: Let’s say that you run a contest with a prize of $50 in product. Assuming that your MSRP is calculated to account for a 70% markdown for distributor discounting then your actual cost of goods for the prize awarded is less than $15. Even if you are doing direct sales with the 40% profit margin of your average game store, that’s still less than $30 in actual money spent.

          What do you get in exchange for that? Well, multiple painted entries with rights assigned to you, as per contest rules, for use of the images for promotional purposes. Even if only the winner pans out, that’s cheaper than hiring someone. Adding to that, they are painting modes bought from you, which likely drives some sales during the promotional period. Then, there’s the publicity gained on sites like this, because people care far more about getting free stuff than just looking at a promo image of the RV from Stripes.

          How did 4ton not understand the expenses of small business?

  • 4tonmantis

    It’s called a promotional giveaway.. You might know plenty about owning a small business but apparently marketing is something you have yet to master.

    I personally don’t want any of your product. Not because I dislike it or anything but because I already have alternative versions of everything you have on offer… so there’s no interest. The whole point of the contest thing is to get people painting your product. Newsflash, if they’re painting your stuff to win free stuff, then they bought your stuff in the first place. Yeah.. I still think it looks like it’s painted with a house painting brush.. and the paint doesn’t look thinned.. I would think that the idea of hiring out a commissioned artist based on comments like that would be a no-brainer. The thinking was that if you can’t afford a commissioned painter..and give out 1 prize.. the cost of that would be cheaper than hiring a painter.

    What do I know though? It’s not like I’ve ever organized tournaments, competitions, or been close friends with FLGS store owners (like having dinner with them type of stuff not annoying them instead of buying their stuff). In this situation, of the two of us, one of us has something at stake here, the other is a fly on the wall. When you look at your offerings and you look at those of CNC Workshop or Warsenal, or Warmill, Underground Lasers, Burn In Designs.. those guys are all doing the same thing as you.. if you have no inclination to separate yourself and stand out then hey.. good on you..
    I personally feel like your website could also use a redesign, as the current one is pretty rough. You know what.. never mind.. you keep doing what you’re doing. Awesome stuff man.. can’t possibly praise it enough!

  • So why the laser beam intense scrutiny of my business? Does anyone else here benefit from your vast knowledge? I acknowledged your opinions. Which is all they are.

    • 4tonmantis

      Wait.. what? You called me out for making the exact same type of comment I make for literally hundreds of other posts. You called me out.
      First.. I have a soft spot for small businesses. You don’t think I was being constructive but .. you know what.. I don’t have time for this.. you called me out is the short answer so I elaborated.

  • And I have supped with game designers and LGS owners for years. I ran a local games day and have help coordinate plenty of gaming events too.

    • 4tonmantis

      Put it away.. I wasn’t comparing sizes, just informing you that I do in fact know what goes on with this sort of thing. Condescending to potential customers is a lousy way to grow your image.

      • Soulfinger

        Don’t worry 4ton, I’ll still ‘sup with you.

      • Ya know I was comparing either, I was just saying I have similar experiences to you. And believe it or not you have given me some food for though.

        But I have to say. When my old partner and I designed a tank for the first time Soulfinger did get a little long-winded IMO about how it was made of discarded junk & garbage. I feel I should not have taken my partners advice to make a proxy model. I never liked the idea from the go. Which is why I am a solo owner now. And much happier.
        The other thing is and maybe not everyone realizes it, But I’m kind of doing this just to keep busy and have fun. I have no real desire to become a huge company. That when IMO the headaches really begin. When an idea comes to me, I design it, I prototype it and put it out. If people like it. Booyah! If not. Oh well.
        I really do like to hear from customers. And my last couple designs have all had a bunch of input from people on the DLCD FB page.
        But I never understand why some comments are posed the way they are. Telling me that you think my painting isn’t up to snuff is cool. But when a mean-spirited analogy is used it makes me say “Am I to take this seriously?”
        People have told me the nature of the internet is to expect a lot of anonymous criticisms. And that is probably the lesson I really need to study up on. But I’ll apologize and call a truce if you will.