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A2 Battlepads by Squarehex up on Kickstarter

Squarehex is running a Kickstarter campaign for their new A2 Battlepads for your gaming aid.



From the campaign:

The purpose of this project is to fund a print run of A2 sized, pads deigned for tabletop gaming with 25/28mm scale miniatures. The sheets will be litho printed in 2 colours (a very light flat grey and a darker grey to add detailing). The pads will measure 594 x 420mm and will have a marked 1"grid giving 23 x 16 squares. The sheets will be printed right to the edge on all sides, making it easy to stick multiple sheets together for larger game maps. This will make them ideal for use with a wide variety of roleplaying and skirmish games. Each pad will have 12 sheets glued to a card back board.