A ZombieSmith wedding

ZombieSmith will be closed for a few days while Josh and his soon-to-be new bride get married.

From their website:

Well, maybe not a vacation exactly. I am getting married this weekend and then will be off on a honeymoon for a few weeks. After this Wednesday my e-mail contact and forum presence will be spotty until after the July 4th weekend. If you have an order in with me it has already been shipped or will ship today. Obviously any orders taken in the next few weeks won’t ship until July, so hold on.

When I get back we’ll be releasing Songs of Our Ancestors, the new Quar skirmish level ruleset based on Song of Blades and Heroes and Flying Lead from Ganesha Games. I’ll also be releasing some Royalist Trench Raiders, a half-dozen more militia and some other 28mm quar odds and ends throughout the month of July. Then there are more 15mm quar, some fantasy stuff and, and… Well, the summer will be full of releases.