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A word from Battlefront about the situation with Dust Studio

The situation between Dust Studio and Battlefront continues on. TGN reached out to both sides for comment last week, but due to legal reasons, neither were able to say more at the time.
We just received a comment from Battlefront via James Brown, their web administrator.
He lays out a bit more about what was going on behind-the-scenes as to what Battlefront has paid for and what production is moving forward in terms of Operation Babylon.

From James Brown:

We appreciate Paolo Parente’s contributions on social media. His passion for the world he has created does him credit. And most importantly, he has stated his commitment to producing all of the models for Wave 2 - the one thing we all desperately want to see.

However, at this time we are still seeking meaningful dialogue with Dust Studio’s majority shareholder, William Yau, regarding commitments that Paolo made during the Kickstarter Campaign. The fact is, we have already paid more than $401,000 (between July/Aug 2014) to Dust Studio from the Kickstarter funds. And we provided them with the complete list of confirmed orders we had in early November (the orders for 1258 people), after the pledge manager closed.

What should be clear to all is that the dispute involves only a part of the project - ironically the free items - not the delivery of the entire project. As ever, we remain optimistic that this will all be resolved fairly and in all parties’ best interests.

Battlefront Miniatures

TGN is still in contact with both parties and will update you further as we get information.
Stay tuned, everyone.