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A Whole Lotta Lava Announced for Arcadia Quest: Inferno

Ok, yeah, I've got Christmas music playing right now, but what's actually running through my head is Led Zepplin thanks to the title of this new expansion announced for Arcadia Quest: Inferno. Ignos, a new Minor Villain, is making (lava) waves in the Inferno, causing all sorts of trouble for the heroes. But his new box set is more than just a new figure to bring to the table.

Ignos Mini

The set will have Ignos, of course, but it will also have the Fallen Angel and Hellcats. In addition to that, there will be several new scenarios that you can use instead of the ones from the Inferno box. Of course, those scenarios make heavy use of those characters. Of course, if there's new quests, there has to be new rewards! Who doesn't love new loot?

The box isn't a Kickstarter exclusive, but there's some question over whether the set will be a regular retail release or not. So if you're interested, you may want to jump into the Kickstarter campaign. There's only 6 days left.