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"A Tale of 3 Painters" Charity Project

The Dark Templar is having a "Tale of 3 Painters" charity project to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Go take a look.

From the project:

Three like-minded bloggers – Mike Reynolds from The Dark Templar, Andy Walker from Lair of the Breviks, and Michael Awdry from 28mm Victorian Warfare – are painting up some Malifaux gaming miniatures for Cancer Research UK.

"We kicked off at the beginning of August and are due to take the finished models down to Plymouth in Devon at the beginning of September for a game of Malifaux against The Joey Berry. This will be televised for her YouTube channel.

The models will then go up for auction on Ebay, all proceeds going to the charity. To supplement the painted models we have managed to secure donations from several companies, including Fenris Games, Firestorm Games, KR Multicase and Wyrd Miniatures.

We'd like to ask the gaming community as a whole, whether you play Malifaux or not, to visit the blogs, follow the progress, spread the word, donate to the cause and bid on the final auction! Your support is needed and appreciated."