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A Stitched in Time has been released by Silver Gryphon Games

Silver Gryphon Games has their A Stitched in Time adventure book now available over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

Silver Gryphon Games is proud to announce that have released A Stitched in Time! This adventure, penned by Kevin Rohan and illustrated by Ari Syrahazad takes our universal Æther system in a new direction and adds Supernatual elements to your next Æther adventure!

This is a supernatural adventure that showcases our rules for hunting monsters, entities, and constructs in the Æther system. It gives the players semi-pregenerated characters that are Agents in the mysterious Bureau 8. They are created enough to give the players a base agent character and still allow areas of specialization and skill selection so they can get their hands around their character better than most pre-gens. If the players would rather craft their own characters, they may absolutely do that, and with a tiny bit of tweaking, the adventure plays the same whether the characters are Agents or amateur ghost hunters.

This adventure embodies a good mix of investigation and combat and is geared for game groups that want a quick pick-up game. However, it can easily be stretched into a longer adventure with more plot points that make it ideal for your home gaming table and convention games alike.

Get it today for our regular low price of only $5.00 (US) at DriveThruRPG!