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A new Era for Shades of Vengeance

Shades of Vengeance has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Era: The Consrtium, their new sci-fi RPG game.


From the campaign:

It is the "future" and Earth, the planet where the Consortium was really born, is nothing more than a distant memory. In order to understand the present, I have believed my whole life, you have to understand the past. On this night, the last before I join the true government of the Consortium, I feel a need to gather my lifetime of research on how Humanity reached this stage. All I’ve ever managed to find are small snippets of evidence, and I’ve made my own assumptions from these. Perhaps you’ll find them amusing or perhaps, like me, you’ll detect the ring of truth in the story.

Not much is known of Earth beyond the name – almost all of the records, particularly those around the launch of the Kurmaja, have been lost. What we do know is that for several decades after Humanity first ventured beyond the atmosphere of their biological cradle, they did very little – conducted a few cursory scans of nearby planetary bodies, but little more. It seems safe to assume, given what we know of Humanity, that they were intent on finishing business at home, be that simple politics or old grudges between nations. While the records of the following years pulled from the Kurmaja's databanks are sketchy and damaged, it seems Humanity pulled themselves together at long last and colonized every planet in their home system.