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A Look Into Making History of the World

A board game doesn't just spring, fully-formed from the head of a game designer. Sure, they might have a pretty good idea of what a game will be, but it's actually quite a long process where the final version might be leagues from the original. In this article, Z-Man Games gives us a look at the design process behind one of their upcoming releases, a new edition of History of the World.

From the article:

From the art to the pieces to the gameplay, a lot changes over the course of development before the games you know and love end up on your shelf. With this article, we'd like to take you behind the curtain so you can get a glimpse at what goes into making a game.

We’re going to start this new behind-the-scenes series with one of our recent releases: History of the World. We caught up with Z-Man Games' Art Director Sam Shimota and Z-Man Games' Head of Studio Steve Kimball about this remastered version of a beloved classic. Read on to learn about what went into creating the board and art for the game!