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A look back at Day 1 of CMON Expo 2015

We're just underway here at Day 2 of the CMON Expo 2015. Yesterday was a blast. This place was buzzing with excitement. I must say, it's by far the busiest Friday ever at the show. It's great to see how it's grown over the past years.
Over on the TGN Facebook page, we've posted up some photo galleries from some of what's going on here.

First, we got an exclusive preview look at the upcoming 2-player starter set for Endless Fantasy Tactics from On the Lamb Games.
You can check those out here.


Then we took a look at how Rum & Bones has changed since last year's show where people got their first taste of the then-prototype game, now in full production.
Those photos are here.


Then, in the afternoon, we took a look at Grizzled, a new game that CMON is going to be bringing over and distributing for an English-speaking audience.
Those photos are here.


Finally, at the end of the night, the guys at Miniature Building Authority ran their Desert Wind event using their custom game system they made just for running at conventions.
In the end, it seems the Security forces prevailed.
Those photos are right here.