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A Look at the Resolution Phase of XCOM: The Board Game

Fantasy Flight Games has another preview up for their XCOM board game. This time, they give us a look at the Resolution Phase.
And no, they're not talking about pixels on your screen.


From the post:

XCOM: The Board Game is divided into two phases: the timed phase and the resolution phase. These phases are not intended to replicate the strategic and tactical dimensions of the acclaimed computer game series, but they do lend a familiar call-and-response structure to your game rounds.

Much has already been made of the timed phase. We’ve offered closer looks at the game’s digital companion app and how it generates tension by forcing you to respond to the alien invaders’ three-pronged attack in real-time. Additionally, players and reviewers who participated in demos at Gen Con Indy and PAX have contributed their own insights into the nature of the app and the tough decisions that you’re forced to make quickly with limited information. They have also addressed how these elements work together to forge an XCOM experience that is every bit as intense and compelling as it is unique.

Less has been said about the resolution phase. This isn’t because it’s any less interesting or vital to your game. It’s simply because, even though the app still guides you through your actions, the resolution phase isn’t as immediately tied to the app. The timer is turned off. You’re not receiving any new alerts. All the intel you need to make your decisions is openly available on the table. The pressure, however, doesn’t ease off for a second.