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A Look at Funding Trends on Kickstarter For Game Projects

I remember, back when I started my tenure on TGN, having a conversation with my then-boss about, "what are we going to do with all these Kickstarter-things?" My, how times have changed. We all can tell that things are getting bigger all the time on the platform, but there's been relatively little imperial evidence of that. Not such here. ICO Partners has posted up an analysis of funding trends on Kickstarter over the past several years, with a particular look at gaming projects.

From the report:

Looking first at the number of projects, it is obvious that this subcategory of projects is bonkers:

There is a strong and steady growth of the number of projects that are funded.
There was no “potato salad” speculation effect in the second half of 2014 (at least, not as visibly as in other parts of the Kickstarter platform).
The number of projects failing is stable, meaning the success ratio is steadily increasing (62% of the projects got funded in the first half of 2017)