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A Land of Narrow Paths, Bringing Edo period Japan to life

A Land of Narrow Paths is a campaign to make maps representing Edo period Japan up on Kickstarter. They've made twice their goal with still a lot of time on the clock.

Edo Maps


From the campaign:

A Land of Narrow Paths is a project dedicated to bringing Edo period Japan to life. While technically an art project, the artists involved with the project have gaming backgrounds, and are very much marketing their products as supplements for Japan-themed roleplaying games and likeminded Japanophiles.

This Kickstarter is developing comprehensive, illustrative maps of the time period, as well as an accompanying booklet detailing the time period. Use the booklet as a setting guide, and the map as a beautiful reference for your players.

A Land of Narrow Paths has also unlocked a stretch goal that allows backers to pledge for a deck of cards featuring Japanese monsters drawn with sumi ink -- another great supplement for Japan-themed roleplaying.

Overall, a Kickstarter featuring high-quality, professional products designed to immerse backers in the time period.