A Good Dusting rules now available at North Star

A Good DustingNorth Star Figures is now stocking the A Good Dusting rules.

From their announcement:
We have just taken delivery of a new set of rules called A Good Dusting from well known British Wargamer David Bickley, a popular contributor to Wargames Illustrated and regular on the UK Show circuits. This is the first of a series from David, I’ll let him describe the rules in his own words,

These rules are intended for gaming actions from the Sudan War 1884 –1885 {and the Egyptian Revolt of 1882.} They include the mechanisms Players will need to play out a game to a successful conclusion within two to three hours on a table about 7’ x 4’. Their emphasis is very firmly on enjoying the game, throwing lots of dice and getting “A Good Dusting” in the process. It is possible for the game to be played by two or more Players on opposing sides, as say the forces of the Mahdi and the Anglo-Egyptian forces, but it also possible for the game to be played where all the Players take on Anglo-Egyptian commands and the forces of the Mahdi are controlled by all the players.

Players do this by using the rules in the ‘Mahdist auto-generation’ section of these rules. {The availability, number and type of units, their entry, deployment and initial movement distance are controlled by random dice throws in each the game turn. In subsequent turns following their entry the Mahdist units react according to the ‘Mahdist Reaction Table’.}

The rules are supplemented by almost 40 full colour illustrations of games in action, together with studies of individual units and vignettes, supplemented with a simple map for campaign games, a sample scenario to get you started playing “A Good Dusting”, and an outline timeline of the Sudan War from 1883 – 1885. A short but useful book list is also included to help beginners ease themselves into the period.

The rules cost £11.50 and are ready to order online now, they will also be available at UK shows from a number of different stockists. (Drop me an email if you are attending a show and I’ll let you know who has the book at that particular show)