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A Goliath Preview from WizKids for HeroClix

WizKids keeps on giving us more looks into their Storyline Organized Play (or SLOP, if you will...) kit with a look at another of the many alter-egoes of Hank Pym. This time, instead of getting small, they go big. Pym Particles can shrink or grow things, as required. Well, Hank decided that Goliath was a good way to go this time around. Wonder if we'll be getting movies of all these versions at some point.

Like the other Hanks of late, this one has the Morph: Many Identities ability, which lets you swap back and forth between various Hank figures. The only difference is that since Goliath can be played at 150 points, when you swap him in, you swap him in at his lower point cost lines.

Other than that, this Hank eschews the stealth of the "shrinking" versions and instead goes for the "grab and smash" of being huge. He has more reach with his melee attacks and can pick up and carry more guys around. And if you don't want to have to stand in one place and stretch out to hit enemies, you can just trample over them, dealing a potential 3 damage to anyone you just steamroll over on your way to your destination spot.