A Gears of War: The Board Game Print on Demand Expansion is Available from Fantasy Flight Games

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
May 23rd, 2012

Fantasy Flight Games is coming out with a print-on-demand expansion for their Gears of War board game.

From them to you:

The two new scenarios in Mission Pack 1 deliver all the tense action fans have come to expect from Gears of War: The Board Game. In “Search for the Stranded,” the COGs must work together to rescue an isolated scavenger while recovering his valuable cache of ammunition and supplies. Then, in “The Showdown,” the COGs must overcome a savage Berserker before facing off against none other than General RAAM himself!

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  • PanzerKraken

    Cool, really like the game and hope it also gets some bigger expansions in the future that bring in stuff from Gears 2 and 3

  • Cherno

    Just got the game last week and I’ll be playing the first sessions with 2 buddies on friday. It’s nice to see it gets supported and I too wish they will release a big box expansion in the future. Then again, Mansions of Madness didn’t get one either so I won’t hope too much 🙁

    • keltheos

      You mean like Forbidden Alchemy?

      • Cherno

        Wow I haven’t even heard of Forbidden alchemy, after the first POD expansions I pretty much gave up on it, even better that they put out a big box expansion for MoM! Cheers!

  • supervike

    So, what is the difference in POD vs Print and Play? I order this and they send me a product, or do they sent me a download?

    • Bewulf

      They send you a physical product.

      Print on Demand means you order (demand) something and the company will then create (print) it specifically for your order.

      The benefit of PoD for the company is that they do not have a large upfront investment getting the product printed, no chance of misjudging how many they need and they do not have storage costs.

      The benefit of PoD for the customer is that the product can never be out of stock.

      The downside of PoD is that there is no bulk production, leading to higher production costs.

      Print and Play means you get a digital product that you then print out yourself (and play).

      • supervike

        Thanks kind sir! Appreciate that info. Seems like a great idea for them to hedge thier bets a bit, allowing them to be a bit more proactive on putting out expansions. Cool deal.