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A Dog's World Board Game On Kickstarter

You know how people ask if you're a "dog" person or a "cat" person? I.E. - which do you prefer as a pet. It supposedly tells a lot about your personality and somesuch. Personally, if I could have a herd of polar bears, I would, but that's me. Anyway, for those of you dog people out there, you might want to check out A Dog's World, a new board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

Dogs World

In A Dog's World you play as a dog, looking to live the most dog-like life you can. You can learn tricks, or perform heroic deeds. And don't forget to visit plenty of fire hydrants as you roam around the board, representing a town all the way from the outskirts, through the suburbs, to the urban core downtown. However, there's the local Dog Catcher that you gotta be wary off.