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A.D. Publishing release Victory Decision: World War II

Victory Decision: World War IIA.D. Publishing have announced the release of their own WWII rules - Victory Decision: World War II. From their announcement:
After 20 publications for World at War it is time for something new.   Victory Decision: World War II is an action based game that allows you to command a platoon sized force or more in this momentous conflict. It features a unique Leadership-modified alternate unit activation system. The result is a fun and fast paced war game that involves both players almost constantly.   Thee rules cover virtually all aspects of World War II gaming. Included are rules for:
  • Moving, Hiding, Infiltrating and Spotting,
  • Artillery and
  • Shooting and Concentrated Fire Actions,
  • Assault and Close Combat Actions,
  • Air Strikes, Bunker Assaults, Night Fighting, Foxholes, Tank Pits and much more...
  Victory Decision emphasises Troop Quality and Leadership and includes a fast and detailed Vehicle combat system.
The rules cover individually based infantry miniatures and also group- or multibased miniatures, aka Infantry Stands. While designed with 20-28mm miniatures in mind the Victory Decision game system is flexible enough to handle any miniatures from 6mm to 32mm. So whatever your existing miniature collection consists of, you can start playing right away.   This rulebook not only provides Scenarios but also Point based Army Lists for late war British, German, Soviet and US forces. All necessary Game Markers are also included within this book.   As with our previous books you get a full colour version with many high quality pictures of fully painted models and a mostly B&W printer friendly version. You can find more pics and infos on my website. Plus a free Quick Reference Sheet.   The book is available via the Wargames Vault.   I have much more planned for the game in the next months. Armylists like the ones featured in the book will come out on an almost monthly basis. In addition books on Nation specific Vehicles and Guns ware also under development. Think of the Vehicle Compendiums but add all relevant Guns.