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A.D.Publishing Planning the 2012 Victory Decision Releases

A.D.Publishing is running a Poll to plan their 2012 releases:

From their post:

2011 was a fantastic year for A.D.Publishing. Victory Decision was released in May 2011 and it started selling pretty well for a one man company product with no miniature line tied in. In fact I was selling more Victory Decision books since May 2011 as World at War books in the last couple of years combined.
A big thank you to all of you who bought any of the books and all the positive and encouraging feedback.
Victory Decision is at the moment all about WW II and consequently I focussed on the 4 “big” powers of the conflict. This can be changed in 2012 if YOU want it! So time to look forward.

Please follow the LINK to the Victory Decision Forum and VOTE for the next releases.