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A.D.Publishing Announces Release of Victory Decision: Italian Paracadutisti

A.D.Publishing Announces Release of Victory Decision: Italian Paracadutisti:

From their announcement:

Work has continued on the next Victory Decision Field Guides. The Italian Paracadutisti book is released.
A copy of the Victory Decision: World War II rulebook is necessary to fully use the content of the books.

The Italian Paracadutisti Field Guide is again a comprehensive guide to using Italian Paratrooper Platoons in Victory Decision: World War II. Included is the Early, Mid and Late War Paracadutisti Platoon Organisation Chart and all the Elements to play a game. In addition some typical Italian vehicles (AB41, M 13/40, Semovente 75/18) are also included to get you gaming with the Italians

As with all our ebooks you will get in fact 2 books:
a full colour version with many high quality pictures of fully painted models
in addition a B&W text only printer friendly version

You can download the book at the Wargame Vault for $ 3.99: