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A Convention, a War, and Answers from Battlefront

Battlefront has been really busy over the past couple weeks. They've got a new website up for the 'Nam game, as well as they're currently running a sale over there. They've got a new FAQ for Tanks, which should help everyone make sure they're playing the game right. And they've also been prepping for the next show: Hammerhead 2018.

We've been busy adding a pile of new product spotlights and assembly guides to the 'Nam website to make it easier to assemble your models as well as checking out what you can expect to find in your blisters. We still have some more to go so keep an eye on the website as we add more content.

There has also been a restock of the range over the last couple of weeks so if you've been waiting to dive in to 'Nam then now as your change whilst the 25% off launch sale is still on.


Over the past couple of months, we have been working a lot more closely with the TANKS community and one of the things that has been a high priority for us is to provide a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.

Today we are excited to present the Playtest version of the document. Because the FAQ has been a long time coming we wanted to make sure that as many of your questions were covered off as possible. So rather than presenting the first version of the FAQ as a completed document we wanted to involve the community as we go through our own internal playtesting process.

In a few weeks once our process is complete, and we’ve had a chance to review your comments and questions we will issue the document as the first Official TANKS FAQ. Of course, in the meantime there is no reason you can’t use it as it stands now.

Head over the TANKS website to download the PDF.


Where: Stand TD20 and TD21, Newark Showground, Newark Upon Trent, Nottingham, UK NG242NY

Battlefront UK will now be attending the show on 28th April. To help celebrate this we have decided to offer the same cracking deals that we were offering at Salute.

Buy 2 Flames Of War or Team Yankee products and get a 3rd (lowest priced) item Free!

Buy the TANKS Starter set and get a free TANKS blister.

Buy 3 TANKS blisters and get a 4th Free.

Wittjman's Wild Ride Participation Game
Anyone who takes part receives an awesome prize, while the best Tiger Ace on the day will receive an additional prize.

We will have lots of stock available but if it's anything like Salute it's best to come over early, as once it's gone it's gone. We look forward to seeing you there.