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A chat with Bryan Wade from Outrider Hobbies

One thing everyone needs eventually is a way to carry around their minis that's more than just that old shoebox. Bryan Wade of Outrider Hobbies is there to get you quality bags for transporting minis and was kind enough to talk with me here at GenCon.

Bryan has been working closely with Catalyst Game Labs and the new bag he's showing off at the convention is one specifically designed for Leviathan. Feeling the trays, I noticed that the foam seems a lot softer than some other foam tray products out there. I've had some bad experiences with the tougher foam. While sometimes you need it for a really tall tray, Others, it just seems like it rubs my paint off quicker and doesn't provide as much protection against bumps and jostles.

The other thing that's out are BattleTech bags. Bryan worked hard on the cammo patters for the bags. They're using a pattern that's very close to what the US Marines use for various environments. Bryan specifically said, "I want to be known for making more than just black bags." One thing about them is that the BattleTech logo actually melds with the pattern so while you can still see it, it doesn't just come out and smack you in the middle of this cammo.

One thing that impressed me about the bag was the fact that the front pocket is actually pretty big. It spans the whole front of the bag, with no center divider, so it's just one big pocket. Plus, it doesn't sit just flush with the rest of the bag. Bryan fit two full-size BattleTech books in the front pocket and was still able to close the front flap in a way that you could still read the Battletech logo. It was pretty cool. There's also half-sized and slightly smaller trays so that when you fit your maps and other terrain pieces inside the bag, you don't waste the whole top, but can actually put a smaller tray in there as well, holding a few more minis. These bags were designed to take advantage of all the space possible and to give the gamer options when it came to expand from their current collection.

Bryan said they're going to be starting up a Kickstarter soon for even more styles, so stay tuned. I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot from them in the coming months.