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A Bloody Wind Moves In: The French Have Arrived in Rum & Bones

CoolMiniOrNot knows 3 factions are good, but 4 factions are better. As such, they've brought the French into Rum & Bones. Far from being the "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" that the Simpsons and other pop culture has recently made them out to be, the new faction for Rum & Bones are here to wreck your ship and chew foie gras, and they're all out of foie gras. The French are masters at attacking where you least expect it and reacting to any threat you may send their way. With two deck guns and four spawn points, they really mix up the statis-quo with their own brand of je ne sais quoi.

Go check out the faction and all their back-story and stats on the Kickstarter page.


From the campaign:

1. Two Deck Guns??! Two Boats, and one of them is a Gunnery! Now, to answer the first question that comes to your mind. No, they do not get 2 full Deck Gun shots each turn! With more shots spread out that means a smaller payload. What this does mean, however, is that by destroying one of their Deck Gun Objectives it only causes their shots to lose half its strength, meaning you'll have to take both down to avoid getting bombarded each round!

2. Non-linear Deckhand Movement??! What Madness is this??! Turns out the Brise (and Mazu!) Deckhands and Bosuns are a bit more trained than their Wellsport/Bone Devil counterparts, and have mastered the ability to turn... Albeit slightly. When they deploy, they will immediately move onto the Objective they are next to (thus guarding it!) and then proceed forward to take down the enemy points.

3. Four Deployment Points??! Again, two boats! What this translates to in game terms, however, is that when Deploying Deckhands, the Brise player must select 3 Deployment Points to be used, meaning that, potentially, you could double up your defense on the Gunnery ship, but that would leave you open on your other ship... You still choose where your Bosuns go, however!