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Zoetrope Time Travel RPG Up On Kickstarter

While time travel isn't something we can really do right now, we can sometimes get do-overs. The first Kickstarter campaign for Zoetrope didn't make it. But the people behind it have reconfigured, regrouped, and relaunced. The card-driven time travel RPG is back up on Kickstarter and really close to their funding goal.

From the campaign:

Zoetrope is a simple to learn and fun to play, card-based time travel role playing game. You'll need 2-3+ players and a story leader, who will explain what happens in the world and how the player's actions affect the world around them. No one needs to show up to the table with any ideas of what they are doing, the various card decks help ensure even the story leader has resources to make the game unfold without any preparation.

And no confusing event management-- because you will be placing cards on the table in a visual timeline, you will always know what events are changing due to time travel.

As I mentioned, the campaign is really close to its goal with 26 days left to go.