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Zestrea Card Game Up On Kickstarter

The idea of getting married just for love is actually a pretty new thing in the world, generally speaking. For much of history and in much of the world, arranged marriages were the way to go. Be it for alliances or business dealings, others tended to be in control of who you got married to. Such is the case in Zestrea, the marriage negotiating card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Zestrea is a marriage negotiation board game for 3-6 players about ridiculous Romanian traditions, arranging weddings, and surviving Hard Times.

Zestrea is an original Romanian boardgame developed over many iterations for the past year, playtested hundreds of times and polished relentlessly. Zestrea is READY and now we want to make it available to a worldwide audience.

Zestrea means dowry in Romanian and represents the wedding gift/inheritance, usually in the form of household goods such as bedding, plates and cutlery, carpets, etc., given to a young couple by their families, when they get married.

In Zestrea, players take the role of Boyars (Boieri), who were nobles from the middle ages. The goal of the game is becoming the richest Boyar, while taking care of the villagers living on your Land. The way to do this is through honest work and deals, and not-so-honest scheming and backstabbing...

The campaign is quickly closing in on its funding goal with 26 days left to go.