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Zero Gravity Magnetic Board Game Up On Kickstarter

"You and your quaint 2-dimensional thinking." - Bandit

When one or two directions aren't enough, you go for the third. Zero Gravity is a magnetic board game that brings games to the third dimension. They're back up on Kickstarter with a revamped campaign and are looking for some funding love.

From the campaign:

Zero Gravity is a 3D MAGNETIC BOARD GAME for 2 players, up to 4, set in a dystopian future. Newton Corporation, the most beloved company that ever existed, gifted the world with the hyper-local gravity engines and, together with them, eternal peace and prosperity. However, to provide an outlet for all the violence innate in humans in such periods of peace and to amuse the crowds, Newton Corporation sponsors a brutal distraction: the Zero Gravity Tournament. In this capture-the-flag game, you control a team of warriors whose life is devoted to entertaining the masses. Use the 3D arena to overthrow your enemies and please the public, score Cheers to win the match! 

The campaign's about 1/3 of the way to its goal with 19 more days to go.