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Zenit Miniatures Working on New Edition of Yokai Quest

Yokai Quest is one of those games that hasn't had much of a chance. It also nearly sent Zenit Miniatures under. Hopefully, though, soon it'll turn into a winner, as Zenit's looking to release a new version of the game soon.

From the post:

Hi everybody.

I’m Ramón Pérez from RamPer Design. I’m the creator of Takkure, the cyberpunk rugby game launched in november on Kickstarter and edited by Zenit miniatures.

During these last months I have had continuous contact with Zenit because they are both producing and in charge of the logistics of my game. I’ve been visiting their atelier a pair of times. In one of my visits they told me about all the problems arisen during Yokai Quest’s project. I mean the internal problems: the problems that you saw during the Kickstarter campaign were already known by me because I’m a Yokai Quest backer myself.

I have to say that for what I already knew and for what I was able to check for myself, this project could have caused the bankruptcy of the company. And it was very close. Although some things didn’t result as they should, the big effort made to finish the project cannot be denied.

In one of our meetings we had a long conversation about the game. One of the biggest issues now is the big quantity of stock that remained in their magazine, here you can see a part of it:

We arrived to the conclusion that in order to put all this stock in the market the game has to be renewed. As I own a copy, I proposed to them to elaborate a complete remake of the game using all the original components but with a brand new set of rules. A new game with the same materials. Keep in mind that, economically and logistically, it would be impossible to produce new components.

That’s it: with just a new rulebook turning Yokai Quest into a fast paced and interesting game.

We have been working on it for some time and we are already testing the game and reviewing the texts in Spanish. The objective of this message is to introduce myself and to announce that you will have soon a new version of the game to try it.

I have to say that both Zenit and me find it compulsory to grant access to the original backers to the new rulebook. Moreover we want to be transparent during this process so you can give us your opinion, this way the game will be as good as possible.

That’s why the rulebook will be available to download for free in PDF. Not only the rulebook, we’ll give you access to the story book (the new rules will have an important narrative component) and to all the unlocked content during the campaign (we’ll add some extra missions and alternative plots if the campaign goes well).

We hope you like it and we think most of you will want a printed copy. We’ll create a pledge with the printed rulebook at a good price so you can get yours if you want to.

As a game developer that’s a huge challenge: not only for developing a new game without being able to change a single element but also for all the background of the project. We have been working on it for a while and we hope that you like what you’ll see and my way of working and that all this encourages you to try the new version and give us your feedback about it.