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Zenit Miniatures Running Samurai Commanders Kickstarter

Zenit Miniatures is expanding their Kensei line of figures. It's been a while since I remember hearing about the game, so it's good to see them coming back to it. And it looks like others are excited as well. The campaign for their Samurai Commanders Kickstarter is doing really well, unlocking some exclusive stretch goals along the way. Let's have a look.

From the campaign:

It is our pleasure to present to you our new crowdfunding for the  Zenit Miniatures’ Kensei range. In this Crowdfundign we will launch the Samurai Commanders and the Jinmaku.  With the founds we will pay sculptors and designers, also the funds will be use to pay the material and to produce them. So we need your help not only for the miniatures that we show here but also to develop and design many others that will produce in future to increase the world of Kensei. As we have to do a large invest to make great armies.

The Jinmaku Set will be aviable EXCLUSIVE in Kickstarter. So only during this campaign and maybe in other kickstarter campaigns you will be able to find it. There will be also EXLCUSIVE STRETCH GOALS during the campaign.

All the miniatures showed in the campaign will be used in Kensei  the Miniature Wargame and Torii skirmish game, but they could also be used  in roleplaying games, other wargames or for artistic painting.

The campaign's around 4x funded, but there's only 9 days left to get in on the action.