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Zadorf Games Releases The Great Escape Card Game

During WWII, a group of POWs got together and conducted one of the most daring escape attempts in military history. The event would be remembered simply as The Great Escape. You might've watched the movie. You might've read the books. Now, you can play the card game. Zadorf Games has released The Great Escape mini card game.

From the announcement:

Zadorf games launches its latest mini card game - The Great Escape.

Based on the legendary exploits of POWs during the Second World War, The Great Escape is a single player card game with a point scoring system so you can challenge yourself and others to achieve the best escape record.

Played in three stages it is your mission, as Escape Officer, to first help the POWs plan and excavate three tunnels, Tom heading North from the shower block, Dick heading East from Hut 3 and Harry heading West from Hut 4. Next you must help as many POWs as possible escape through one of these tunnels without being spotted by the guards. Finally you must help the POWs avoid capture as they make their way across country aided only by items that they have managed to make, steal or forge.