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Z-Man's Newest Edition of Love Letter Seats Six

There's a new version of Love Letter coming soon from Z-Man Games. The game has been around for a little bit now, and fans love it. They want more. And Z-Man Games is giving you more with the game now seating up to six players.

From the post:

With a heavy sigh, the Chancellor sets down his quill. Stacks of parchment fill the desk, hardly fewer now than when the day began. Rising, he picks up the candle and a handful of materials from the desk. He mutters to himself as he descends the long, stone spiral staircase.

As the footsteps and soft glow fade, a hand appears at the window’s edge. Clad in dark colors, the Spy pulls herself into the room and hurries to the desk. Quietly, she sifts through missives and documents, and lifts one, smiling…

For years, Love Letter has been one of the most essential microgames. Quick to teach, easy to play, and small enough to carry in your pocket, Love Letter is the perfect casual game for any occasion. Pre-order your copy of Love Letter through our webstore today to receive free shipping, available for the 48 contiguous states.