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Z-Man Games Takes A Look Inside Hadara

Do you look around at civilization and go, "pfft, I could do better"? Well, now's your chance to prove it in Hadara. Will you focus on war? Religion? Philosophy? The Arts? Probably a bit of all of the above in some form. In this article, Z-Man Games takes a dive into Hadara and shows of just how building your own civilization works.

From the post:

The city started as a small village, much of the land untouched. But with time, farmers gathered to the fertile fields, bringing new seeds and hardy herds of livestock. The crops expanded beyond the hills, and soon enough, travelers began to venture along the beaten path. Merchants and skilled craftsmen would wander through, and some would stay and peddle their wares in the flourishing market. As the city grew it began to draw architects and artists of all kinds, transforming into a resplendent center of culture and prosperity.

Hadarais a light civilization building game that utilizes an innovative card selection system. Strategically recruit allies and develop new technologies to grow your civilization’s strength, culture, and prestige to secure a lasting legacy. Grab your copy of Hadara today through our webstore or from your local retailer!

Recruit Artisans to Build Your Civilization

Guide your civilization from its humble beginnings to its greatest heights! Skilled artisans, philosophers, warriors, architects, and more from many different cultures will offer their talents to assist you in your endeavors, but it falls to you to choose the best allies to build your nation. In Hadara, you’ll develop your civilization over the course of three epochs, drafting cards, conquering colonies, and leaving your cultural mark on the world.

As you recruit various artisans, architects, warriors and more, the different types of workers will add to your resources, measured by the tracks for income, military, culture, and food on each player board. In the example below, the player takes a blue card, which increases their culture track by 2 and their food track by 1, in addition to granting them 2 victory points at the end of the game. Blue cards generally add to your culture, but like many of each card type, they can also affect other tracks.