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Z-Man Games Previews Marco Polo II

Z-Man Games is working on Marco Polo II: Polo Harder. *gets a note* Actually, I'm being told it's title is Marco Polo II: Service of the Khan. Ah well. Anyway, if you're looking forward to the game, you're probably wondering what the mechanics will be like. You're in luck, as that's exactly what you get a look at in this preview.

From the post:

Since its release in 2015, The Voyages of Marco Polo has been drawing players to the Silk Road to further Marco Polo’s legacy. Now, return to the Mongol Empire in the khan’s employ to continue that mission! While based on the original Marco Polo mechanics—placing dice, taking actions, and completing contracts—Marco Polo II: In the Service of the Khanis an epic standalone follow-up to the beloved The Voyages of Marco Polo, complete with new characters, components, actions and more.