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Z-Man Games Previews Lift Off Board Game

The space race is on. Everyone wants to be the first to make it up there and go exploring. Get your gear together and build your rocket in Lift Off, a new retro-themed board game coming from Z-Man Games. They've posted up a new preview for you to check out.

From the website:

3…2…1…lift off! Smoke billows out, forming massive clouds that envelop the launch pad as the rocket rises upward to begin its journey to the stars. Onlookers shield their eyes from the bright glow of the flames propelling the rocket through the atmosphere. Loaded with fuel, energy, life support, and food supplies, the crew is ready to complete their missions up in space.

The race to explore space is in full swing in Lift Off! With new technological advancements, astronauts can thrive in space and explore the cosmos. As the head of a fledgling space agency, it’s your job to develop technologies and upgrade rockets to launch even more ambitious missions, assuring your place in history. Pre-order your copy of Lift Off through our website or your local retailer today to enjoy this retro resource management game.