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Z-Man Games Previews Gameplay in Miaui

The great fishing festival is about to start. But you can't have a fishing festival without fish! And every cat on Miaui is looking to bring int he greatest haul. That's the story behind Miaui, a new card game coming from Z-Man Games. In this preview, we get a look at just how the game works, with players trying to dive to the various depths to get the best fish.

From the website:

As the sun shines down on the island of Miaui (MEOW-ee), children gather at the beach to stare into the clear depths of the lagoon. Tigerfish, Tuna, and other fish dart in and out of the waves at their feet as the children laugh and try to catch them with their bare hands. Divers grab their gear and prepare to jump in, eager to catch the slippery fish for the evening’s feast.

As the tides change, the lagoon is filled with fish, marking the start of the fishing festival! Outwit your opponents in this quick, hand management game that's fun for the whole family. Miaui is available for pre-order now through our website or your local retailers.