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Z-Man Games Previews Advanced Cards From Mesozooic

The release of Mesozooic from Z-Man Games draws ever-closer. Soon, you'll be able to build your own dinosaur theme park and fill it with all manner of attractions. In this preview, we get a look at some of the more advanced options in the game. You've got your dinosaurs, but what about your dino-VR experience? Or advanced coasters?

From the post:

Day after day, the guests to your zoo come and go, delight and awe upon their faces. Your plan was perfect; your monorails provide easy access to your carefully structured attractions and enclosures, and your topiary provided a cool, shady place to rest. In the back of your mind, however, you know there is more you could provide. Advanced technology? Trip souvenirs or more travel accommodations? You smile as a thought occurs; perhaps what your zoo deserves is the king of all exhibits…the mighty T-Rex.

In Mesozooic, you choose cards, build your zoo, and score points in a frantic and fun real-time game. Mesozooic is available for preorder now through our website or your local retailer and will be available in stores in Q4.