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Z-Man Games Posts Noctiluca Solo Rules

Sometimes, the rest of the gaming crowd doesn't show up. Or you're the first one to get there. Or you're just not feeling super-social and you want to do some solo gaming. If you're a fan of Noctiluca and you want to get some one-on-none gaming done, you can try out the solo rules that Z-Man Games has posted.

From the post:

You stretch your arms wide, invigorated by the afternoon air and the gentle swirling colors of the noctiluca. Finally, your competitors have departed, and you have the pool all to yourself; a perfect opportunity to gather exactly what you need.

A faint breeze shifts the pool, and your smile fades. In the distance, there are dark clouds gathering on the horizon. Thunder rumbles. As if feeling the coming storm, the noctiluca in the pool begin to rapidly swirl. You know they'll soon scatter to avoid the coming storm, diving into the darkest depths of the pool beyond the reach of even the most skilled diver. Looks like this won't be an easy day after all.

After competing with your friends to prove your skill, you'll find a new challenge to overcome with the Noctiluca solo rules. Using the dedicated numbererd side of the double-sided board, you will have the pool to yourself, but will need to hurry before the noctiluca are scattered by the raging tempest. Order your copy through our webstore or your local retailer to get ready to save the noctiluca!