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Z-Man Games Posts Noctiluca Preview

There's a whole world beneath the waves that we land-dwellers can only glimpse briefly. Entire ecosystems of strange creatures, beautiful and mesmerizing live everywhere. In Noctiluca, players look to bring a bit of the deep up onto the land by capturing the glowing life in jars. In this preview, we get a look at just how that will work.

From the post:

A scintillating rainbow of color dances on the rocks around you as you peer out across the pool. For a moment, you’re lost in the interplay of light and hue, before focusing in on the task at hand. With a well-honed eye, you pick out the patterns in the fabulous display, and nod to yourself as you see your next dive take shape. You’ll bring home the perfect jars for certain this time…unless one of your fellow divers gets to the landing first.

In Noctiluca, players are competing to fill jar cards with rare noctiluca dice retrieved from the pool. Grateful healers eagerly await the delivery of specific arrangements of the mystical noctiluca and will reward you for every filled jar. You must carefully balance their requests and strategically gather noctiluca to prove yourself as the best diver in the Cerulean Pools!

Pre-order your copy of Noctiluca through our webstore or your local retailer today.