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Z-Man Games Posts New The Great City of Rome Preview

Rome wasn't built in a day. But playing a game of The Great City of Rome won't take nearly that long. It's the new game coming from Z-Man where players look to construct what will become one of the most important cities in all of Western Civilization. In this preview, we get a look at some of the mechanics and how players will get their edifices places onto the table.

From the post:

The Emperor of the greatest civilization in history calls for the finest master architects to rebuild Rome! Compete against your fellow architects for blueprints and materials, and manage your resources carefully to sculpt a city where any citizen can live and thrive. Order The Great City of Rome today from our website or your local retailer!

Impress the Emperor

The construction of a city is a complex endeavor, requiring meticulous planning, dedicated workers, and sturdy materials. Before the work can start, players must first travel to the court of the Emperor for blueprints and materials to enact their plan for the city. Using emissaries to earn the Emperor’s favor, players can claim spaces on a unique action strip to strategically prepare for the construction of their city plan.

Each round, starting with the first player, players will place their emissary onto the current action strip. Balancing priorities each round is key to victory. The emissary closest to the Emperor (the golden pawn) will get to go first, possibly claiming the most desirable card, but that player is sacrificing resources with their placement.

Here the orange player has the silver first player marker. They choose to place their emissary on the second space. Play continues clockwise to the purple player. The purple player could have placed their emissary on the first action space in front of the orange player, which would have put them closest to the Emperor. Instead, the purple player places their emissary further back on the strip, claiming more resources for their actions. The white player is fine going last because it gives them more resources, so they choose the last spot.