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Z-Man Games Posts New Miaui Preview

The festival is coming up and everyone wants to present the biggest fish there. But there's more than just fish out in the lagoon. There's also sticky, stingy jellyfish. And that's below the waves. Hovering overhead are thieving gulls ready to take your catch. In this preview of Miaui from Z-Man Games, we get a look at how these two mechanics work in the game.

From the post:

Though the fish are plentiful in the water, you have to watch out for other creatures ruining your catch! The sticky jellyfish is tough and chewy. They won’t make a good meal for the evening feast. If you dive and catch a jellyfish, they’ll subtract 10 or 15 points from your score. Fortune can smile on the unlucky divers though. If a player has three jellyfish in their fish pile, those three can be tossed out, leaving only the good fish in the pile.

The sneaky seagull is hungry and knows that the divers will come up from the depths with tasty fish, so they shadow the divers and wait for their opportunity to snatch something. Seagulls can be your worst enemy or your best friend. They’ll eat anything! A seagull could take away that chewy jellyfish from your pile, which will help your score, or the seagull could take away the prize Emperor Tuna worth 15 points!