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Z-Man Games Posts New Condottiere Preview

Condottiere puts players in Renaissance Italy, as the various power struggles happen up and down the peninsula. Will you become the greatest House and leader of this new awakening, or cast into the dirt of history? Z-Man Games has posted up a new preview of the gameplay over on their site.

From the website:

Two allied armies of near-equal size stand at the ready across the field from a ragged and cornered battalion. The sorry state of this quarry is a testament to the strength of your alliance, and this final skirmish, a swift battle, should see your foe’s final defeat.

A horn pierces the silence of the early morning to signal the assault. Instead of charging your quarry, your ally launches an attack upon your exposed flank. You smile, satisfied at your now-former ally’s predictability as well as the devastating snare you had the foresight to prepare…

In Condottiere, bold assaults and clever feints will put your strategic prowess on full display and bring victory. Condottiere is available for pre-order now through our website or your local retailer and will be available for wide release very soon!