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Z-Man Games Offering Free Shipping with Pre-orders of Noctiluca

When you buy online, you can usually get your thing for a little cheaper than usual, and possibly a little earlier. But paying for shipping is never fun. But for those that pre-order Noctiluca from Z-Man Games, you can get free shipping from them. Woo!

From the website:

Under the glow of pale moonlight, the waves of the cove steadily crash into the shore. Bright lights ripple across the surface of the water, glowing more with each passing wave. The mysterious noctiluca float to the surface, filling the inlet for just a few nights a year.

We’re so excited to share this beautiful game from acclaimed designer Shem Phillips. We can’t wait to get this into the hands of our fans. With a little behind the scenes magic, pre-orders of Noctiluca through our webstore will now have FREE* shipping!

*Free shipping is available to US customers within the 48 contiguous states.