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Z-Man Games Looks at Characters in Citadels

Z-Man Games is coming out with a new edition of Citadels. Many of you have had a chance to play the game, but this will be a new opportunity for those of you who weren't gaming when it came out originally back in 2000 (the realization of just how long ago that was just set in...). In this article, they take a look at the different characters in the game.

From the article:

Released in 2000, Citadels quickly became one of the most beloved card games of the generation. It’s strategic gameplay that relies heavily on both bluffing and intuition shines most prominently in the multitude of character cards and their varied abilities. Which characters you choose will greatly shape your path to the title of Master Builder.

The Name of the Game

In the game of Citadels, cunning subterfuge and intuition are key. Only one among you and your fellow players can attain the title of Master Builder. To achieve this, you’ll need to build the grandest city of all, placing districts strategically in order to score the most points at the end of the game. Districts vary in type and how they can contribute to your city, but the first, and possibly most important thing you’ll do, is choose your character.