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Z-Man Games Looks Inside Paleo

At the dawn of time, humanity was split into different small tribes all fighting over the meager resources they could collect in a time before machinery. That's where you find yourself in Paleo. In this article, Z-Man Games delves into this prehistoric game and shows just what being a caveman was like.

From the article:

A whole world of new discoveries awaits out in the wilderness. The lush forest, the flowing rivers, and the towering mountains hide many mysteries you can't wait to explore, but you know you won't be able to survive with your skills alone. You'll need the help of other members of your tribe in order to succeed.

A new day dawns in the Stone Age in Paleo. Your tribe fights for survival while steadily developing new advancements that lay the foundations of the human experience. But dangers abound: animals, storms, and hostile tribes await you. Can you work together to survive and complete a cave painting that will last for generations after you?

Try Paleo on Tabletopia, and order it online or through your local game store today.