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Z-Man Games Announces the Jurassic Mini Expansion for Mesozooic

It's a park filled with dinosaurs. What could go wrong? Nothing, of course, as you fill up your zoo in Mesozooic from Z-Man Games. They're going to be adding to the fun as well with the upcoming Jurassic Mini Expansion.

From the announcement:

Guests have been pouring in to see towering dinosaur enclosures, prehistoric attractions, and more at your zoo. Now you can enjoy a brand new way to play Mesozooic with the Jurassic Mini Expansion. Corporate has stepped in with instructions for what they think is best for your zoo. As franchise owners of Mesozoo Inc., you’ll want to work together to take your zoo to the next level and fulfill Corporate’s mandates. Then make your zoo even more entertaining by hiring costume mascots!

The Jurassic Mini Expansion for Mesozooicis available now! Order your copy through our webstore or stop by booth 1729 at Gen Con to purchase a copy. Then make sure to grab the Triassic Mini Expansionand download the extra variants we have on the website for even more dinosaur zoo gameplay!