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Z-Man Games Announces Triassic Expansion For Mesozooic

In Mesozooic, you're looking to create the greatest dinosaur theme park of them all. By having the right combination of dinosaurs, concessions, and other attractions, you'll have the highest attendance. To add to the possibilities for your park, Z-Man Games is coming out with the Triassic expansion.

From the announcement:

Your zoo has been running smoothly for months, and your guests have almost universally loved their experience. The success has created the opportunity to add more features, and so dozens of additional blueprints are stacked neatly on your desk. Which will you choose?

The new era of dinosaur prosperity continues in the Triassic Mini Expansion for Mesozooic! Thrill your guests with new advanced features and the gargantuan Megazooic: a rules variant for how to play with up to 12 players. The Triassic Mini Expansion is available for pre-order now through our website and is a Z-Man Games web exclusive.