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Z-Man Games Announces Party Bugs

I'm always a fan of a game with a unique angle on things. So here we have Party Bugs from Z-Man Games. You and your friends are having a disco dance party, when a group of costumed cockroaches show up. Of course, nobody wants costumed cockroaches at their party, so you're trying to get the annoying bugs to go bother your friends. That's... not a set-up for a game you hear very often.

From the announcement:

When the lights go out, the party begins! The disco ball has been set up, the lights have been turned on, and the guests are gathering on the dance floor for a costumed dance party. These guests aren’t exactly welcome in your house though. Costumed cockroaches are swarming the dance floor!

In Party Bugs, players will attempt to control the wild cockroach party, sending the biggest pests to their opponents. If you can keep your party under control with smaller, less disruptive bugs you’ll win.