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Z-Man Games Announces Pandemic: Hot Zone - Europe

A new chapter in the Pandemic legacy is soon to unfold. This time, it's over in Europe. Z-Man Games has announced Pandemic: Hot Zone - Europe. Grab your gloves and masks, get ready to help some sick people, and let's dive into just what you can expect in this new game.

From the article:

Matt Leacock, designer of Pandemic, joins Steve Kimball, Z-Man Games' Head of Studio, to share news about the second game in the Hot Zone series and where the series is headed.

STEVE: We hope that you and your loved ones have been able to stay healthy and safe despite the real-world pandemic disrupting our lives. Last year, during COVID’s initial spread, we postponed our expected announcements of Pandemic: Hot Zone – North America and Pandemic Legacy: Season 0. Here we are again, one year since our initial announcement for the Hot Zone series of Pandemic games, and the situation continues to evolve.I’m not sure any of us expected to go an entire year without a return to normalcy… but through this unprecedented crisis we have witnessed heroic acts of sacrifice and courage across the board, from healthcare professionals to civic leaders, which is exactly the spirit of teamwork, cooperation, and empowerment portrayed in Pandemic. For our situation here in the US, with vaccines rolling out apace and safety protocols being more widely accepted and enforced, it feels like a light’s flickering at the end of the tunnel. We recognize the situation varies around the world, and wherever you are, we hope that your local situation steadily improves.

Hot Zone – North America has enjoyed widespread success—even beyond the continent it depicts. Fans have really enjoyed the game’s distilled mechanisms, shortened play time, and portability. In our initial announcement for the game, we confirmed that the continent’s name included in the title alluded to our plans for future stops around the globe, and we’re here today to show you what’s new and exciting in the second installment in the series: Pandemic: Hot Zone – Europe!