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Z-Man Games Announces Narabi Card Game

I love a well-kept garden, be it an English estate garden, a midwestern flowerbed, or a zen garden. Narabi, a new cooperative card game coming from Z-Man Games, focuses on the last one there. Players are looking to create the best stone garden they can. Will they find inner peace at the end, or just throw rocks at each-other?

From the website:

You walk slowly around the garden, stepping carefully around the deliberately placed stones. A breeze loosens a few delicate pink petals from the tree at the edge of the garden and you smile as you watch them dance in the wind. Picking up a nearby rake, you gently push the fallen petals out of the way before dragging the rake back through the sand to recreate the elegant linear pattern. After slow and steady work moving the sand and adjusting the placement of the stones, the garden is complete and a feeling of serenity washes over you.

Narabi is a unique cooperative card game. With quick play, light strategy, and hundreds of card combinations for variety and new challenges, this card game is a must-have for any gamer’s library. Prepare to create your stone garden by pre-ordering your copy of Narabi through our website or your local retailers.